Seed Services

Falmouth Farm Supply is an authorized dealer of Pioneer Hi-Brid International, providing seed corn, seed wheat, seed beans, and Alfalfa. We also provide:

  • Bulk delivery of all seed
  • Seed treatments
  • Yield mapping
  • Grass seed, oats, timothy, alfalfa and many other small seeds
  • Mixing of grass seeds
  • Field scouting

*Drone used for scouting only. It is not for hire.

We are authorized dealers of the following products:




See your local Pioneer sales representative to learn more about the products that can boost yield potential on your acres in 2023.  Visit to review the latest plot data and yield results. 

Fertilizer and Chemical Services

  • Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Dry Fertilizer
  • Custom Application
  • GPS Grid Mapping
  • Soil Testing and Analysis
  • Rental of dry fertilizer spreader carts and 28% applicators available with the purchase of fertilizer from us.