*Legal Disclaimer-- Prices are subject to change without notice, please contact Falmouth Farm Supply.

Falmouth Delivery Prices are 3 cents less than Glenwood prices on Beans ONLY.


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Marketing Alternatives

Here at Falmouth Farm Supply we strive to offer many different marketing alternatives to assist you in reaching the best prices possible for your grain each year. We will be glad to discuss marketing programs at any time. Just call our office; we are always happy to help.

Contract Pricing Options

Target Price




Minimum Price


Available for old or new crop grain, producers commit a specific amount of crop to be marketed.


We offer three marketing windows:

Early-long window - March 1st - end of June

Early-short window - March 1st - middle of May

Late window - July 4th - end of August

*start and end dates are approximate and subject to change


Your commitment of bushels are then divided by the number of weeks the window includes, and that amount of bushels are sold weekly on the same day each week. At the end of the pricing period, your contact price will be established by averaging all of the weekly prices together.

Average Price Program

  • Emotionalism is taken out of grain marketing.

  • Average selling price is determined during the historically higher months of the year.

  • Puts risk management into play.

  • Historical price patterns are not a guarentee of future price movements.

  • Average price contarcts are only made during this period.

  • It does not guarentee the highest price of the marketing year for your crop.



Delivery            Cash Bid              Change                Basis

FH AUG 2020      8.63                      -0.10                      -.05

LH AUG 2020      8.58                      -0.10                      -.10

FALL 2020          8.38                      -0.10                      -.30

DEC 2020            8.46                     -0.11                      -.28

JAN 2021           8.54                      -0.11                      -.20

FALL 2021           8.35                      -0.10                     -.50

Yellow Soybeans

Delivery            Cash Bid              Change                Basis

AUG 2020                3.07                  -0.04                 -.01

FALL 2020               3.01                   -0.03                 -.20

DEC 2020               3.08                   -0.03                  -.25

JAN 2021                3.13                   -0.03                  -.20

FALL 2021              3.31                   -0.02                   -.30

Yellow Corn

Delivery            Cash Bid              Change                Basis

JULY 2020            4.91                    -0.05                   -.05


JULY 2021            5.27                   -0.03                   +.05